Fun and Easy Ways to Save Water in your Apartment

It’s concerning to see so many people wasting water, especially as it’s Earth’s most precious resource. In many countries around the world, they’re struggling with severe droughts. Saving water tips seem to be everywhere – but so many of them are impractical – especially if you’re renting. Yet, you don’t need to worry. We’ve come up with some easy ways to conserve water for the planet. 


1. Put a brick in the toilet cistern

This first method is so secure we’ll bet you won’t even notice! Place a brick (or heavy non-soluble object in the top space of your toilet. You can do this by lifting the lid of your bathroom. In here is where the water gathers before you flush. Place the brick in here, and you’ll notice that the water rises slightly. Replace the lid and voila- water saved!


What we’ve done is taken up a bit of the space in the cistern. The toilet no longer needs to gather as much water before it flushes. 


2. Use a dual flush toilet

Dual flush means that you can choose between half and full flush. Reducing the flush is another way to reduce water when using the bathroom. The toilet, unfortunately, uses more water than it needs. Some people choose to follow the phrase ‘if it’s yellow, let it mellow, and if brown flush it down.’ This phrase is popular when talking about conserving water in the bathroom.


3. Place a bucket in the shower

A top tip from many young people interested in conserving water is to place a bucket on the floor of your shower. This means that any water that runs off you in the shower will be caught and can be used again. If you don’t use chemical-based products, you can pour this water on the garden or use it to wash your car. 


Some eco-homeowners choose to do this with the water they wash their hands with too. By placing a bucket into the sink, this water can be saved and reused on gardens or for cleaning outside items. Always make sure to check what products you’re using to see if they’re safe for plants. 


4. Use the dishwasher for big loads of dishes

When you’ve got a bunch of dishes to wash, it’s easy to believe we’re saving water by using the sink. However, the number of times you need to refill the water to keep everything hygienic means that overall you’re saving water by using the dishwasher. This time-saving product is also a water-saving product.


However, if you’re only washing one or two, it’s best to hand wash. While you handwash remembers not to keep the tap running. Wet the sponge and scrub the dish, then use the water to rinse before drying. If you’re curious how much of a difference not running the tap place a bucket in your sink while you’re washing to see how quickly it fills!


5. Remind your roommates and friends

While we as individuals can make a big change – as a group, these efforts are doubled. Build up your impact by sharing some water-saving tips with your friends and family. Often it’s not that people aren’t concerned about the environment but that they’re unaware of the impact they’re having!


Start a challenge between your friends to save as much water as you can. Encourage each other to keep an eye on where and why you use water to see if there’s any way you can cut down. 


6. Use a bucket when washing items

It’s tempting to use a hose when washing big outside items like a car. However, it’s easy to overuse water when you’re not seeing how quickly it’s going. Instead, try to pour the water first into a bucket, so you’re aware of how much you’re using. 

For a greater benefit, combine this with one of the tips above. This will ensure you’re reusing water instead of getting fresh water every time. It may seem a little strange at first, but we promise the results are still great!


 7. Grey Water System

If you’re feeling up to the challenge, open a conversation with the property owner and talk with them about introducing a greywater system. Greywater refers to the used water from washing machines that can be funnelled into gardens. This is a cost-saving method that can be easy to install; however, always make sure that you have the right permissions before installing anything permanent onto the property.


Having a garden to grow some vegetables and herbs is great for the environment! While you can’t grow everything yourself when you can avoid imported products, you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Having to import fruits and vegetables means that fossil fuels are burned during transportation. Plus eating seasonally is great for your health!


We hope these tips help you on your way to being more environmentally conscious. You’re saving buckets of water with these easy tricks! Remember, change occurs one drop at a time, so keep at it, and together we’ll be working towards a better future.

Fun and Easy Ways to Save Water in your Apartment

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